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Our Services

We consider your customer experience as a vital pillar of our daily operation so we are always working on improving our services for you, if you would like to suggest anything that would help us; please don't hesitate to contact us.
  1. Make your order
    You can confirm all your orders details online through our Facebook page & that will always ensure no mix up with your order.
  2. Payment
    You can pay your order value or confirmation deposite using Visa, MasterCard, Fawry & Vodafone Cash or you can visit our office at Nasrcity after siting an appointment, please make sure to complete your order payment to be able to receive it on the requested date. (No Exceptions)
  3. Delivery
    We deliver using air-conditioned cars to ensure you receiving your orders in the best quality that's why we can only deliver orders starting 500 EGP; delivery fees are set according to the delivery area.
  4. Cake Decorating
    We can simply do any cake design you want, just choose a design from our albums or the internet or even tell us what you want & leave it to us.
  5. Weddings
    Whether you are looking to make your special day candy table Or Wedding cake you can simply relax & leave everything to us.
  6. Booking
    Save your date bec. We care about quality not quantity, all our orders are done according to our booking schedule so make sure to book for your event as early as possible small or big we can only accommodate limited confirmed bookings.
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BetterBatterBakes, Better Batter Bakes